23. 7. (Thursday): 17.00 h., Stanica, S1 24. 7. (Friday): 14.00 h., Stanica, S1 performance

  The work of art deals with the organization of human society, the systematisation of interpersonal relationships, work efficiency and performance enhancement, mechanisms of control, manipulation and management, oversaturated communication and the risks of destabilization and collapse. Partial themes are viewed through the perspective of individuality and collectivity, centralization and decentralization, activity and passivity. The starting point of the project on a practical side of things is a confrontational interface between the two environments - scenic and virtual, attacking the perception of audience and testing its limits. D'epog is a platform for contemporary performance art - a group of artists has been active on their domestic scene in Brno since 2010. Regular productions, one-off performances, border art projects and educational activities in the form of practical workshops and specialized workshops are among their activities realized within a long-term framework. D'epog consists of a team of authors Lucia Repašská, Matyáš Dlab, Zdeněk Polak, Janet Prokešová, Radim Brychta, Zuzana Smutková and Magdalena Straková. The activity of the group is of laboratory character which allows them to explore possible means of live art hovering above established typological and genre categories. D'epog develops research into theatricality, acting expressiveness, and formal and compositional strategies, steering attention towards the physical and contextual qualities of the spaces in which it presents its productions. The work strongly accentuates the role of the viewer as well as the limits of freedom of his interpretation and his contribution into the process creation of the semantic structure of the work. Some of the starting points utilized by D'epog include the integration of means and strategies taken from different artistic spheres and into the language of performative art, sustainable self-destruction as a continuous process of denying the cliché of a self-centered author and a continuous redefinition of a status of an author as well as the raison d'etre of artistic communication, total aesthetic plurality and the guts to formulate a new artistic voice.