Kiosk 13 – festival of slovak instant theatre and dance

23 – 26 July 2020


While preparing the festival we have been adapting to the ever-changing conditions and measures related to the pandemic. We were counting on the possibility that we won’t be able to meet each other; neither artists, nor audience or guests. We booked single rooms, obtained various “one touch” goods, not only for communication. Yet, we did not give up hope that some rules will possibly be relaxed and we will be able to add more and more; audience and creators to the program. Everything, not only performances, are ‘instant’, at the moment – ready to add one last ingredient – you. We have artists, we have programs, spaces and hotels. To have the full-power of the festival we only miss you, the audience. 

‘Unlucky thirteenth’ edition of Kiosk will introduce a variety of experiments on how to deal with the absence of one ‘ingredient’ in theatre. We initiated the creation of several new performative adventures, we also programmed ‘classic’  bold theatre productions, we will have installations, happenings, walks and concerts. We will also dance and discuss. The concept of the program is for sure different than it was in previous years, but it will again be bold, resilient, new.   

The topic of this edition – PATHOLOGIES – took shape before we were thrown into isolation.  Asking and answering questions related to the pathological issues of our bodies, minds, public space and discourse; a reflexion on situations we are confronted with as individuals, communities as well as a society. All this will be presented through a plethora of performances, installations, happenings and walks. In the discussions we will be asking if  art is a reflection of a crumbling world or if it is a tool for its restoration.  

Maybe we will be communicating differently, perhaps we will have to fight for seats much more than before. Or maybe, on the contrary, we will become more thoughtful and patient. We´re curious how the different elements of theatre have adapted to the situation. So let´s see if the ominous 13 will bring us new artistic forms and experiences or Kiosk will just stay pathologically unfinished, unpredictable and exhausted…One thing we know is that it is going to happen.