Festival EN


What kind of theatre and dance festival will we be this year?

29th July - 1st August

  KIOSK will be the festival of amphibious theatre and dance. It has always been able to operate under any conditions - from traditional venues, through suburbs, gyms, dilapidated houses or in the middle of woods. In its 14th edition we will be interested in the way culture coped with unusual circumstances in the past pandemic year.    Did we adopt new ways of meeting, distance and time (un)flow or did we merely camouflaged lethargy? What protective colours and with which aim have we fashioned? In the public, virtual, theatre and gallery space Kiosk will introduce art that is multibious, that could survive pandemics, state of emergency and feed the craving for multidimensional touch.  Through over twenty performances, projects, installations, concerts and accompanying events we will offer a dramaturgically compact impression on the current Slovak theatre and its ability to survive and be beneficial.