T.I.T.S.: Tumor - carcinogenic romance

25. 7. (Saturday): 21.00 h., Nová synagóga sensorial performance

They live their lives. And suddenly, destiny wanted it, their paths meet. From now on, nothing will be as it was. From now on, everything will be different. Maybe they should finally start talking. There must be a reason why they met. During this shared journey they will need to tell a lot to each other. Maybe they will finally understand each other. Understand the whole thing. Oh, I just wish for everything to be as it was before ... But it will never be again. “Tumor - carcinogenic romance” is a strongly sensorial performance that links movement, visuality and words. T.I.T.S. examine the connection between tumors and our society based on claim that every era has its own disease and considered cancer as the one. They are looking at tumors and its manifestations from somatic, mental, social and spiritual point of view. How do we experience the society we live in? What phenomena suspiciously resemble the behaviour of a cancer? Can we love something that threatens our life? Can we talk about cancer while engaging poetry, beauty or even humor? You can expect a tumor as a humor, a tumor as a motor and a cancer as a dancer. Just come to experience the epic journey to find love and peace with the least imaginable. Author: T.I.T.S. Text: Dagmar Radova & T.I.T.S. Concept & Direction: Nela H. Kornetová Dramaturgy: Dagmar Radová & Lucie Ferenzová Set design & video: Jan Hajdelak Husták Music: Ondřej Sifon Anděra Movement consultation: Matthew Rogers Thanks: Lærke Grøntved Starring: Nela H. Kornetová & Jaro Viňarský / Gregers Andreas Kroksleiven-Hansen Producer: Barbora Kunstovná, Johana Kolomazníková & T.I.T.S. Technical support: Stepan Hejzlar, David Oupor, Matej Kolacek