24. 7. (Friday): 13.30 H., LABYRINT experiential discussion

  If you want to rest in the world of song lines, please think about your personal song; a song that touches you personally. At the beginning of the experience, there will be collective movement with people, something like tuning and adaptation of the mind and the body. However, we spend most of our time in a song. We offer a kind of guided experience through a deeper feeling and a longer and endless stay in the song. It could be surfing the waves of a song or something even deeper than surfing. Then, through a discussion about the experience, we will go to the performance and talk about the principles of creation and work.   Experiential discussion: Every single performance is a unique universe existing at least for a while for each spectator, during its duration and sometimes even after. The artist has lived in it for a long time. However, no one can guarantee him / her that the viewer will share and perceive the same world as him / her. At Kiosk, we have been looking for a long time for ways how to immerse deeper in the performative world, how to understand it and grasp it rationally; physically and mentally. However, the discussions became empty for both artists and spectators. But since everyone is calling for discussions and meetings, we try to set a different concept. We invite you to a series of three "workshops" where artists will work with the audience using the methods they use in their performances. Warming up, rehearsing, sharing parts of a show directly, or "staying" in songs. To have the opportunity to fully understand the world of the performance, through reasoning, through direct physical or mental experience.