L. Bobalik, M. Hriešik: Timeout Burnout

23. 7. (Thursday): 21.00 h., Gym, Hliny VIII tennis performance

  In summer 2019, the dancer Lukáš Bobalik, feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and quite unmotivated, started to play tennis. Although he never really played sports before, tennis was a form of relax and gradually turned into regular activity with coach, as if it was the last chance to prevent the burnout. Thanks to the court, ball and racket he got back on his feet and gained perspective on his life, dance, exhaustion and work. He realized the ever present oscillation between full dedication and satiety, deformed by the effort to keep his reputation of hard working and talented dancer. In the performance he finds himself in between a sport hall and a dance studio, searching for the right timing and rhythm, accompanied by music and scenography.