J. Korec & Co.: SNPJT.online 

24. 7. (Friday): 17.00 h., Online, Everywhere lecture performance 

  Solo not just for one body – lecture performance was shown in Kiosk 2018 in Nova synagóga. It is now moving on to the screens of computers, tablets and smartphones. Its online version is a new phenomenon in dance performance as a result of the time of inevitable isolation. In the virtual world it acquires new dimensions and meanings. The performers meet without standing next to each other. They create together but are physically distant. Everything what happens is facilitated by technology and the boundaries are determined by camera lens and horizon of a screen.   It is not at all just a recorded performance. SNPJT.online is an attempt to present virtual form of a dance differently. We will watch the performance, but at the same time we will engage in thinking about the methods of its creation, look for meanings and ways of its interpretation.