City, country: city (Moravčíková, Oravec, Čech)

25. 7. / 14.00 / Žilina City walking discussion

Starting point: Stanica Žilina – Záriečie End: Close to Hill on Limbová street, Solinky   Pandemic cleared out cities, muffling some sounds, whilst intensifying others. More than blowing horns and engine roars, we could enjoy kids´ scream and laughter coming from neighbours. Quarantine measures forced us to move differently, to adopt new city choreographies. Physical contact became dangerous and the grocery shopping felt like a dystopian computer game. New model of reality was teaching us to listen and move differently. Our discussion will evolve from this point; with the musicologist Dominika Moravčíková, theoretician of contemporary art Viktor Čech and activist and passionate walker Laco Oravec we will take a stroll in Zilina streets and discuss the sounds of public and private, choreographic structures of city and how the dailiness can be invaded by performativity. We all appeared in a pathological situation and it is up to us to choose what to listen to and how to find our way around.