Guides: Ordinary Theatre for Limbová

23. – 26. 7. / Hill on Limbová street, Solinky
site-specific duration performance


23.7. Arriving
24.7. Building
25.7. Staying at home
26.7. Leaving


I saw your house from each site.
What else will you tell me?  


After two years of immersive public interventions, in Kiosk 2020 Guides will temporarily settle down and find their new address in one of Zilina´s suburbs – on a small hill in Limbova street. They offer, not only for festival visitors, but also for inhabitants of the street, an opportunity to be an observer of situations inspired by our day-to-day life in relation to „being at home“. How do we work, love, die, get bored, acquire habits, reinvent ourselves and use common human creativity in marginal situations?

Ordinary theatre for Limbova is open (self)isolation under different viewpoints.


Concept, creation, performance and residents: Inga Zotova-Mikshina, Roman Zotov-Mikshin, Tomáš Janypka Architecture of the scene: Juraj Gábor Performative guests: Maja Danadová, Nela H. Kornetová, Peter Šavel Technical and overall support: Nienke Voorintholt Production: Robo Blaško & Tomáš Janypka