Saturday, 25 July


10.00 Stanica, ParkStan Morning forum discussion / english friendly

Moderated discussion with the authors of the shows from the previous day. The debates will be led by theatre theoretic, programmer and director Maja Hriešik and choreographer and dancer Jaro Viňarský.   The lights design of the shows will be evaluated by the light designer Tomáš Morávek (Cz), light designer and internee of Light Design Institue Prague Ségolène le Contellec (Fr) and the coordinator of international project European Lighting School Katarína Ďuricová (Sk).  

11.00 Park Stanica ŽabáciDivadlo koňa a motora: Žabáci family performance / czech

“Quack! Quack! So I understand it now, it is not important to be the best in the world! To have friends, that is important!” A fairytale about two inseparable friends, two slightly confused frogs, who undergo plenty of adventures and problems. But still they try to solve all the issues like Laurel and Hardy in animal kingdom. Sometimes it is not easy at all. But they never forget about two important things – friendship and fun. Famous story of Arnold Lobel in action puppet version for kids and parents. “Freedom, coincidence, improvised creation in exterier as a part of profiled poetics. Tandem works with clear antiilusiveness, which is offered by the street atmosphere. Apparent non existence of solid, fixed form which produces desirable hoarse dose of anarchy with obvious recklessness, freedom of unconventional esprit and energetic provocation of two directors in the role of actors.” Miroslav Ballay: Ways of theatre imagination, Stretnutie 2015 In cast: Michal Hába and Šimon Spišák  

13.00, Stanica, parkStan SeminarOsobné≷politické v slovenskom nezávislom divadle a tanci discussion seminar

Discussion that will observe what themes resonates in current Slovak theatre and dance through the equation personal≷political. Together with moderators Maja Hriešik and Jari Viňarský, we will reflect what role the theatre and dance have in our society and what are individual choices of the artists between these poles. Do they incline to the personal or artistic questions or are the tendencies socio-critical, influential and activistic? When does the personal meet political in the art? Is each public artistic expression automatically a political act? Does the state of contemporary art reflect state of the society? We will try take a view within broad artistic, but also time and geographic context. The debate guests will be people from various art scenes, as well as each active participate of the discussion.  

16.00 Stanica, S1 A Children's Play (Bluebeard's Wives), ca. 1866, printed ca. 1975Pominuteľné divadlo: 10 000. Evanjelium pre ruže new drama / slovak

Unfinished drama about kids of dead mothers, about three versions of one execution and roses lost in a desert. Drama for three actresses and an opera singer. Freud wrote an essay “The uncanny ” (Das Unheimliche) in 1919. This word was appearing in german literature of that time and Freud used Schelling definition found in a dictionary. This definition says that the things which should stay hidden but come up to the surface are those which are uncanny. 
Umberto Eco Performance is the second theatre project of Maroš Rovňák and co-workers grouped in non formal theatre body Pominuteľné divadlo. Prologue of protagonists story of the piece 10 000 directly or indirectly confronted with violence, creates kids reflections about death, retelled by one of the most powerfull woman of 16th century Europe. Through examination of less famous piece of famous French painter, the tragic story of second Mexican emperor becomes an esthetic problem in the retelling of kunsthistorian. Sometimes poetic, sometimes scientifically uninvolved or in contrary very personal and expressive narration is changing in the end of play into non verbal voice speech which is an attempt to share non-convertable experience through universal metalanguage. Stories retelled by characters of theatre play 10 000. Gospel for Rose are based on long-term research of events in Mexican city Juárez (state Chihuahua). Research elaborates with internet news, statistics and publications of investigative journalist Diana Washington Valdez and writer Charles Bowden. Script, director, scenography, costumes: Maroš Rovňák Music: Dominika Doniga, Maroš Rovňák, Light and sound design: Milan Slama In cast: Jana Oľhová, Mária Danadová, Dominika Doniga, Lenka Luptáková  

16.00, Stanica, parkStan paralelné životyParalel lives – Adam Hanuljak (SK / 2014 / 2 x 26') film / english friendly

When the communist conquest of Eastern Europe was completed in 1948, the new governments began to forcibly promote the ideals of classless society. Never before had secret political police forces, the pillars of emerging totalitarian regimes, had so much power, such a huge impact on so many lives. Suicide Directed by State Police (Slovakia) The State Security (ŠtB) expanded its network of collaborators, worked systematically to disrupt the activities of opposition groups and to publicly discredit them. One of the movements, which was considered especially dangerous, was the movement of the underground church, which was able to mobilize hundreds of thousands of worshippers. The so-called suicides and