Sunday, 30. 7.

Sunday, 30. 7.

10:00 Stanica, záhrada Morning Yoga with Mušnula 10.00 Nová synagóga, Bar Stretnutie členov PlaST-u industry program 11.00 Stanica, ParkStan [show_more more='KioSK, Kiosk, or KioX? A summer camp, a festival of the daring spectator or of new theater?  discussion' less='menej' color='#000000']

KioSK, Kiosk, or KioX? A summer camp, a festival of the daring spectator or of new theater?

discussion 120´ in Slovak

The final discussion on the ten years (and beyond) of the festival. Has something changed, or has Kiosk changed something? What is the position of festivals now and what was it ten years ago? Do they have any power or do they mainly shape and form communities? Discussion on the past, present and possibly future will be between: Martina Filinová (founder of the festival, host of the discussion and the main speaker), Martin Bernátek (teacher, theater theorist), Jaroslav Viňarský (dancer, organizer, social connection), Miroslav Ballay (teacher, theater theorist), Maja Hriešik (a renaissance personality), plus… and you. [/show_more] 13.00 Stanica, S1 [show_more more='Tomáš Janypka: New Orchards (Nové Sady) poetic performance' less='menej' color='#000000']

Tomáš Janypka: New Orchards (Nové Sady)

poetic performance 35´ no language barrier

+ Inhabiting the Space: vol. 7

„If one is making something, which is to be nothing, the one making must love and be patient with the material he chooses. Otherwise he calls attention to the material, which is precisely something, whereas it was nothing that was being made, or he calls attention to himself, whereas nothing is anonymous.“ John Cage premiere: 30. 7. 2017, Kiosk festival, Žilina [/show_more] 14:00 Stanica, S2 [show_more more='Tereza Ondrová, Peter Šavel: Boys who Like to Play with Dolls contemporary dance' less='menej' color='#000000']

Tereza Ondrová, Peter Šavel: Boys who Like to Play with Dolls

contemporary dance 40´ no language barrier

+ Inhabiting the Space: Let go Jam Society instils us with gender stereotypes from childhood; pink is for girls, cars are for boys, girls play with dolls and boys don´t cry. Gender – or the sexuality of a personality – is a social phenomenon rather than a biological one. The essence of being a man or a woman is not determined only by the amount of oestrogen or testosterone. It is significantly influenced by society and social decisions, education and via the process of socialisation. Welcome to a fantasy world in which masculine and feminine principles do not define man and woman! In this project, movement and dance become the means of expressing the contrasting manifestations of body and soul, genetic determination and social prejudice. It questions social stereotypes and explores the topic of gender in a purely physical way. Duet was listed on the prestigious European “Priority Companies List 2014” of the Aerowaves network and it missed the Best Dance Performance Award by only one point. concept / choreography / interpretation: Tereza Ondrová, Peter Šavel light design: Jiří Hajdyla produced by: Karolína Hejnová – ALT@RT premiere: 17. 5. 2013, Alta Studio, Prague (Czech Republic) TEASER     [/show_more]