T. Janypka, S. Bočková: song lines: expedition 97/18

T. Janypka, S. Bočková: song lines: expedition 97/18

23. 7. (Thursday): 16.00 & 19.00 h., Nová synagóga performative act

  This project is a personal expedition into the inner space that is stricken by the absence of a close person, one presence and memory. It is an intuitive search for the essence of this experience. In the depth of the choreographic work, there is the search for the answer, how can such a traumatizing experience influence our body, even though the loss itself is hidden inside us and invisible. This search creates an imaginary map of the space, where the distance from the experience is the main measuring scale. It is a navigation for the search, where emotions become a return to the lost spaces, where words and bodies can be very close and incredibly distant at the same time.