Tomáš Janypka in Sphére

Tomáš Janypka in Sphére

Dancer, performer and choreographer Tomáš Janypka has been in dialogue with Sphéra since its very beginning. The starting point of this year-long research was the body - its physicality and limitations. Through this channel he's looking for the answers to questions about home, physical and spiritual weight of things. The forms and outcomes are appearing over the process, on the way and are reacting to the actual state Sphéra is in. He shared this space with workers, artists, exhibitions, producers, cleaners. Some time he spent completely alone. In Kiosk he will open up this relationship to the audience and their immediate reactions. year - long collaboration on the project: Juraj Gábor, Simona Gottierová, Michaela Pašteková, Andrea Pojezdálová, Marek Jančúch